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Tuesday, 12 November 2019


5 Reasons You Are Not To Blame For Being Jobless

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After putting up a stunning performance at a job interview, a regret mail still follows. This might not be your fault after all. Below are some reasons that will prove you're on the right path..

The current Paralysis in the economic activities of this country give little or no room for investment hence, a drastic reduction in the number of employment quota. Imagine when the economy was fully vetted, unemployment was on the rise. How much more when when we have no plan in place to stabilize the economy. The implications of this is ; Portfolio that usually have 30Slots is likely to be slashed by 1/3rd. Which further make an already tight contest tighter.

In every job interview, the bridge between an applicant and the prospective job is the HR. I've noticed a clear difference between Nigerian HR and their foreign counterparts. In Nigeria, HRM sees interview as war. They ll do everything to get you off balance. Even if you outsmart them with your level of preparedness and confidence, they'll create new rules to ensure you don't get the job. The most annoying part is when they have to invite 100 candidates for a single position, regardless of the effort you put, luck might not just smile at you. That doesn't mean you performed woefully. No, it the system.

In a bid to secure a high paying job in multinational companies and government parastatals, you have to have some sort of connections. It is very painful to see yourself go through series of test, assessment Centre, group discussions only for you to meet entirely different faces during the interview. That only is enough to demoralize you. Believe me, it only in Nigeria you ll see graduates of Medicine, Engineering and law teaching and hawking GNLD Products. That's not because they lack the Zeal to compete in challenging environment but rather the available slot In high profile job have been hijacked through who-know-who mechanism. You attend an interview and a regret mail follows, never get dejected, someone at the top want that slot for someone else.

Regardless of how superb your performance is in a job interview, if a success mail doesn't follow, friends and family see you as failure. The recruitment process in Nigerian companies is very annoying. The common cliche at the end of every job interview in Nigeria has always been " we will get back to you" this keep most graduate in suspense. You don't hear from them doesn't mean you didn't perform. Believe me, a lot must have happened during this period. Take for instance, you were the preferred candidate but along the line " connection" factor played out or the company tend to put the recruitment process on hold.

Regardless of how much effort you put up during job interview if forces from your village follow you enter the interview venue, You will talk everything in your mouth and still not get hired. That doesn't mean you are bad. No, far from it..

Saturday, 9 November 2019


Top 5 Basic Career Tips You May Not Know

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Ambitious workers are always looking for a great career tip that will help them grab the corporate ring. While the following tips aren’t your run-of-the-mill pieces of career advice, they’ll help you launch a successful, lucrative career.

1. Focus on professional success before looking for happiness in your career.

It sounds weird to tell someone that they shouldn’t seek happiness in their job, but it really is a great piece of advice. Why? Because often times, the company you work for could care less if you’re happy with what you do. Your company is only interested in results, which is the only thing you should be concerned with.

If you think about it, this is a piece of advice that actually leads to happiness in your personal life. When you focus on results in your career, then you’ll make more money. When you make more money, you’re able to enjoy your personal life a lot more. So rather than trying to find happiness in your career right away, shoot for better job productivity and results instead.

2. Stop being loyal to your company.

In many instances, it’s almost unfair how companies perceive their employees. An employee that does just enough to keep his job and maintains an acceptable level of productivity is actually seen as disposable. Your company is only loyal to you as long as you offer value to the company.

Who should you be loyal to in your career pursuits? You should be loyal to yourself. Is it in your best interest to move on to new company and seek out a new challenge? If you feel it’s time to move on, then make the move. Of course, you should show respect for your employer and gratitude for having a job. That should be a given. But you don't need to go out of your way to show loyalty to a company that could replace you tomorrow.

3. Treat your job hunt like a career.
Hiring managers can smell desperation a mile away and they don’t like it. If you’re looking for a job, then act like your job hunt is your job. Keep a schedule, create task lists and execute them, and do everything you would do if you had a job. When you walk into an interview with the glow of someone who has a task to complete, you’ll change your interviewer’s demeanor.

You cannot fake confidence. If you’re putting out resumes and scheduling interviews, then that kind of confidence comes out when you sit down and talk to a hiring manager. If you’re looking for a job but are currently working, then don’t act like you’re sneaking around. Stand tall and give strong handshakes when you walk through the door of a hiring manager to talk about your next career move.

4. Learn how to read people.
Can you trust your co-worker with your most precious career secrets? Can you trust anyone with your career secrets? Can you rely on your manager to get you the resources you need to succeed? If you want to succeed in your career, then you need to learn how to read people and determine who you can depend on and who you can't.
Don't just go with a gut feeling when it comes to reading people. Base your decisions on actions just as much as words.

5. Don't be afraid to get fired.

You’ll compromise yourself and your career goals if you’re just trying to not get fired. As you put together your career, you’re bound to ruffle a few feathers. You’ll need to learn how to wade through office politics to get things done, but you should never do something just because you’re afraid of being fired.

There are always exceptions to this rule, but you learn those exceptions when you develop your skills for reading people. Be smart whenever you make a decision, but stick to your guns when you know you’re right.
Make Your Career the Tribute to Your Success

As your career moves along, you’ll have plenty of chances to pick up advice that you can use. But you only have one chance to impress hiring managers with your resume. LiveCareer’s Resume Builder will help you create a well-written, professional resume that simply stuns your readers.

Thursday, 19 September 2019


5 Very Important Things To Note Before Buying Any Phone

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In the tech world today, so many things evolve around especially changes in the production of tech products, so many things, features and specifications of most mobile phones and gadgets have also taken a new look so because of these one or two changes in the tech market today, it is important to note very important things before buying any tech product.

Things To Note Before Buying Any phone

In this post i have decided to share with a 5 very important things to note before buying any phone, i have done some pretty good research lately and i have some very great things i will like you to note in your success of buying any phone.

5 Very Important Things To Note Before Buying Any Phone

Advances in innovation such as processing power, smart applications, net connection, more memory area and increased battery power are moving smart device and tablet market to new heights than ever. With a lot of choices offered, it is becoming more of a tough task to purchase the ideal mobile phone that suits you. Here are 5 important things you have to consider when purchasing a mobile phone or tablet. And i will be discussing them according to their importance!

The Phone's Battery Life

How long my phone will last will determine how well i would use it. Sincerely if my phone battery life is short it would really discouraged me from using it always because anytime i am using it i would be thinking of how to charge, but what if am in a place where electricity is poor? Of course you may say i should have gotten a POWER BANK now, but seriously get a power bank, when major battery spoilers now in the tech markets are power banks. This is the more reason the first thing and most important thing you note before buying any phone is the battery life, or as some may put it battery capacity. Now what type of battery capacity are we taking of, well i might be more direct on Android phones here because iPhone and Blackberry batteries are very good and compatible with the sort of phone produced for, but many have issues with Android phones, mostly though because Android phones do run lots of applications simultaneously because of course Android is all about applications so because of this the battery might tend to drain faster compared to iPhone or Blackberry devices. When looking at the battery capacity of any phone before buying it, make sure the battery capacity specification is at least 2000 or 2500 mAh minimum, with such battery capacity specification, you should expect a phone usage of 6-8 hours even with browsing, watching of movies and musics.

The Phone's Camera Quality

My second most important thing to note before buying any phone is the camera quality. We all like good picture qualities and great snapshots to upload on our social media pages. Though some may say i am not going for a phone because of this camera, that there are other important features about a phone without camera, but the thing is you can't talk about a phone without talking about its camera quality. No matter how one may say camera is not important or one is not interested in it, it will get to a them you will need to take some important photos like files or documents to upload instead of scanning them and now the quality of the phone's camera comes to play. So what are you going to do? Borrow A phone? Its advisable to look at the camera quality before you buy any smartphone, camera specification should be at least 8MP megapixel rear or back camera and also 2MP front camera and with Flash enabled too.

The Size Of Phone - Display Screen

The third thing i advice you should look out for when buying any phone is the screen size, visual experience plays a crucial role in identifying the quality of an item. This makes screen size a significant feature to search for when purchasing either mobile phone or a tablet. An ideal screen to some extent can overshadow the flaws in a design. Screen is also the single most costly and crucial hardware part in a smartphone and tablet. It is also cool when playing games and watching movies, you would love a very wide screen foe that. So the minimum screen size you should go for on any phone is at least 4.5" inch.

The Phone's Memory Capacity

Another very important thing to note before buying any phone is the phone's memory capacity. A phone with a very low memory cannot be enjoyed. The two features of a memory in a phone is its RAM and ROM, the RAM is one important stuff you have to check out, it helps a lot as with a very large RAM on your phone you can open as many applications simultaneously with experiencing problems on phone hangs or speed. Well a minimum of a 2GB RAM is best foe any phone you are going to buy but though 1GB is not bad too. For the ROM, this is the storage/phone memory, its very important to store files on your phone for mobile accessibility and also with a huge ROM, more files can be stored, movies, pictures, musics and a whole lot more. Make sure you choose a phone with a ROM of at least 16GB.

The Phone's Price
Lastly on the very important things to note before buying any phone, is the price of the phone. You might have tauted that perhaps the price should come first, but its better when it comes last because when ever one sees a phone especially Internet users, we first checkout the various specifications like those i have listed above, before one even can check the price. So the price is the last stuff to deal with as it finalise the deal. Well depending on the location or country, prices may range for different products, so its advisable to compare prices of similar phones to the one you are considering of buying then you can now know if its okay, so you can purchase it!

So that's all i have on 5 Very Important Things To Note Before Buying Any Phone. Hope you loved it and was able to get one or two things you might need ti start considering before buying that phone.

Saturday, 14 September 2019


5 Ways To Identify Bullet Proof Cars On Nigerian Roads.


A population census of bullet proof cars will definitely reveal that Nigeria has one of the highest within its borders. With over 110,000 bullet proof cars in use worldwide, our politicians and business executives have put Nigeria on the map of top markets for car armouring companies. These companies also got tonnes of demand from Nigerian before the 2015 election.

These cars are popular in Nigeria but many of us don't recognise them. Some people don't recognise them because the makers usually leave the external appearance unchanged. This is however a security measure which makes the cars look as inconspicuous as possible. I always wonder when people ask me "how did you know that's a bullet proof car"? And I am like, can't you see it written all over the ride?

See some clues below...

Windscreen and windows:

In bulletproofing, the vehicle glass is referred to as “transparent armor.” It is a sandwich of polycarbonate (plastic) and leaded glass. This thick layered glass is the most obvious part that reveals the identity of bullet proof cars. Similarly, see pictures in this post.. and the windscreen and window edges will give you a clearer understanding of what the glass looks like. Can you now see the thick dark edges?

Run flat tyres:

These tyres provide the ability to keep driving even if the tyres have been shot. Run flat tyres which is also used by conventional cars can help you travel an additional 100 kilometres before replacement. These tyres can be identified by their thick sidewalls and additional side bolstering which are wrapped around the tyres. The bolstering prevents the wheels from touching the ground when the tyres go flat.

Up-close, you'll also see the RSC inscription on the car tyres. The RSC means Run-flat System Component. Furthermore, you could see other codes like SSR (Self Supporting Run Flat), EMT (ExtendedMobility Tyre), ZP (Zero Pressure), DSST (Dunlop Self Supporting Tyre) etc.. depending on the tyres that comes with the car. Note that some conventional cars also come with run flat tyres.


If you are a fan of Alex Mahone in Prison Break, I am sure you'll remember how he was able to identify the bullet proof Limo amongst other Limos. A car that is carrying additional weight of 550 kg to 1,000 kg can be singled out if you have those eyes like Inspired Autos and Gidicars. This is due to the fact that some of the bullet proof cars may ride slightly lower and heavier than conventional cars despite their enhanced suspensions.

Non operational windows:

To offer maximum protection, bullet proof car manufacturers recommend the non operational windows. So if you see the driver of that luxury ride who has to open the door of the car to get that document or to pay his fee at lekki toll gate, that ride is probably armoured. However, some still come with the rolling windows despite the fact that it compromises protection.


This is an opening through which a gun can be fired. This feature is found in a few privately owned amoured cars. Nevertheless, it is common in bullion vans and those Rapid Response trucks.

Finally, all these features and many more like the explosion-resistant fuel tank, comes at an average additional cost of $100,000 (N47 Million). This N47 Million excludes the purchase cost of the vehicle.

Who can guess the name of the most popular bullet proof car in the world?

Thursday, 12 September 2019


Four Generations Pictures

In what may be a pictorial evidence to psalm 128:6 of  seeing Childrens Children.

A rare picture of a four generations has emerged online via facebook in a post   by  one Yewande Adebimpe Olusola which she captioned

"Thank you lord for this grace.....our generations Shall praise you lord....I shall see my fourth generation too....we shall all see our children's children in Jesus name..."
#four generations

the post has so far seen Congratulatory and prayer requests from people praying for such, such a beauty  to cherish for life.

some comments below

Sunday, 11 August 2019


Nollywood Actor "Wale Legend" Sparks Dating Rumor with Tonto Dikeh

Renewoned  Nollywood Actor "Wale Legend" Sparks Dating Rumor with actress
Tonto Dikeh as seen on his official  instagram handle @meetwalelegend as he posted
 in the early hours of  Saturday 10th August 2019 with the caption "A Queen is made
 for a king" and with a love emojis.

the post has so far drew comments congratulating the king himself.

however unconfirmed,  we wait for  more development in few days.

Saturday, 29 June 2019


Nollywood Actor "Wale Legend" Bought A House in Lekki As Birthday Gift

As seen on his Instagram page @meetwalelegend  Nollywood Actor "Wale Legend"
Bought a House in Lekki for himself as Birthday Gift.

The amount was not actually disclosed by him,but from a reliable source close to the renowned Actor confirmed the worth in millions of Naira.

we wish him all the best in his new year and more achievement in the industry .

Thursday, 20 June 2019


Nollywood Actor Wale Legend Biography: History, Profile and Career

Wale Legend is a Nollywood Actor, Journalist, Script Writer and Talent Manager. Legend is from Abeokuta South, in Ogun State, Nigeria, but he is based in Lagos, Ikeja precisely. He started his career in the Entertainment Industry far back as 2007 as a Singer, around Agege/Abule-Egba area of Lagos State. In 2010, he did a Mix Tap to Lagos Party by Banky W, titled "Lagos Effizy". In 2011, he got an admission to the Fed. Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti, where he bagged a Diploma in Office Management. He's currently running a Degree program at the University of Lagos, studying Public Administration.

In 2014, he changed the face of his career in the Entertainment Industry, by launching into Nollywood. He was doing extras and waka pass in home videos, and a few TV Soap Series. In 2015, the story of his career changed, and the Table turned around for him, as he hit his screen recognition by his role of Mr Idowu (the cruel Teacher) in the Popular TV Series "Mama & Me", a Segun Oseni Production. He also played the role of Mr Ojo The HR Manager in the Popular TV series "So Wrong So Wright", Produced by Genesis Studio, amongst others..

He has also featured in many other TV Series Like:

Tales of Eve
So Wrong So Wright
The One I Love
Mama and Me. And many others...

He was recently on set of an upcoming TV Sitcom "It's a Crazy World" by Amanda Ebeye (2019) with other prominent Actors, like Bobmanuel, Grace Ama, Frances Odega, Amanda Ebeye and many others. He played the role of Ejiro, "a Film Producer".
He's currently shooting on the set of the  popular TV episode "The Couple", Segun Oseni Production.

He's also trained as a film Director at the first edition of Africa Cinematography Festival in 2016, in Lagos. He was tutored by Akin Lewis, Teco Benson and Frank Macaully.

He was one of the prominent Ambassadors of the first edition of "Walk Against Cancer" by The Invasion Radiography team. The program was designed to create an awareness on how to use walk out exercise as a tool for preventing health issues like Cancer. The other Ambassadors for the program are: Dr Joe-okey Odumakin, Falz d bad guy, Hon. Desmond Elliot, Saidi Balogun, Woli Arole and other public figures in Nigeria.

We hope to see him more prosperous

Saturday, 25 August 2018


MEN:Eight Types Of Women You Shouldn't Date

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Men have the gift of spotting baggage carriers from afar off, as well as the skill toavoid them.Well, most men… If you’re one of the helpless souls who donot, here are the 8 types of women that no young Nigeria man should date at all

1. The Barbie.
The only thing Barbie has, is her pretty face.Finish. She’s the type of woman that doesn’t know much about anything. Hell, she doesn’t care much about anything! As long as her pretty face is intact, the world can burn for all she cares.

2. The Drama Queen.
Avoid this person like aplague, even as a friend.She has no qualms about creating a scene over a perceived sin. She would bawl her eyesout loudly in public if she feels you don’t love her;or love her enough. Shecries, she’s passionate and yes, she loves the attention.

3. The Possessive/
Obsessive Clinger.Similar to Miss DQabove, but she doesn’thave the need to causedrama; she has a needfor YOU. At all times.She calls thrice an hour.
Her first question always is ‘Where areyou?’ If you don’t pickup because you’regetting chewed up by your boss, expect the multi-page accusatory text messages to start flooding in. She gets upset when you have the barest interactionwith another woman.She wants to be the only presence in your life. Before she goes theway of Cameron Diaz’scharacter in ‘VanillaSky’, quickly give her the boot.

4. The Wife.
She is not interested in dating. She doesn’t want a boyfriend: she wants a husband. She wants to marry. Now! One date and she’s ready to meet your parents. Two weeks on and she has chosen the names of the children you will have together. Nobody said women were logical creatures but then, life – as well as love – is in stages. I’m not sure I like you yet and you’re already choosing aso ebi… slow down madam.

5. The Party Animal.
There’s nothing wrongwith letting your hairdown and having fun occasionally. When itnow becomes a way of life, nne, we have a problem. Sometimes one needs to chill and enjoy the other person’s company. Not this lady. She knows all
the happening places in Lagos. And Abuja. And London. Her friends aregoing. And she must be there too. The party  animal will be bored with you in no time.

6. The Cheat.
Seriously, do I need toexplain this? There is noway in the world tohave a meaningful relationship with someone who’s cheating on her boyfriend with you.Even if shegets out ofthat relationship andstarts a new one withyou, you know that she has no qualms about infidelity. She’s going tocheat on you too. Period.

7. Nairabody.
“I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she aint messing with no broken…” This is the type of woman who craves thefiner things in life and expects a man to provide them. She’swith you only for themoney. She might actually ‘like’ you, but if you can’t buy her things
and generally assume responsibility as her personal cash dispenser, forget it; you can’t get five minutes of her time. She’s a proat using sex as a tool:you get it when you pay. The moment she finds a more affluent man (that is if she doesn’t have a bunch of you suckers around her pinky already), she’s going to kick your broke behind to the curb. Expecting a steady stable relationship from Nairabody is futile.There are better ways to waste time and money.

8. Your neighbour’s: teenage daughter.Forget how she looks in a tank top. There’s a law against that type

Wednesday, 22 August 2018


Things You Need And Don't Need In Higher Institution

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We are in the "new session" season if i'm not making a mistake. Admission lists are being released here and there, students are already saddling their horses. Good, congrats to all of you or rather "them".

Here are lists of things you don't need in higher institution.

1. Unnecessarily expensive stuffs: if you are not investing in any of your belongings then they don't need to be too expensive. don't buy em just to show em off, they'll be stolen, you'll be a target and your mind will be divided. Check out someone who's in 100lvl with Iphone 7, laptop worth over 250k, fancy clothes and everything. they'll not be the same when any of them gets stolen or missing. But if you make everything simple i.e buying less flashy/costly so long they do what you want them to do, you're good to go.

2. Friends(many): please when you resume , dive straight into your books/studies and not into making new friends, trust me you'll have a lot of time to do that but not in your early days ind higher institutions. Some schools have a way of flushing out students whose performance are poor in their early years(not everybody makes it to final year), and many students who unfortunately fall under this category are those with tonnes of friends who are of no good. they know how to flex and you'll follow suite anytime they are going out, some of these folks have their future already planned out by their parent and them getting kicked out of school has no effect on it. So be very careful in making friends, if that person will not help you achieve great things then fashi them.

3. Comfortable apartments: Students who don't have refrigerators, flat-screen hdtv, air conditioners, satellite dishes in their rooms at home will want to install them in their rooms in school. wtf is that? you'll see them going extra miles(sleeping around) to acquire them.when they finally do they'll become too comfortable to even think of their future, ladies will make their home theirs, their home will turn to flexing joint. My dear friend you don't want to be them. live a simple life, a fan is okay for ventilation, a laptop is okay for visual entertainment and study. you don't fvcking need a fridge nah. you are a student, get your cold stuffs where your mates are getting theirs from, don't be too comfortable now else you'll forget that you're supposed to build your future..

4. life partners: yes i said it.. you don't need a fiancee or whatever is close to that. mostly they'll be distractions. you'll see a nigga in class reading a textbook alone(he's doing good cos you see him occasionally flipping em pages), but when his diva shows up and that's the end, study is over, they'll chat till the girl says "i'm going back to the hostel, escort me". the guy will not object, he'll pack up and follow his mistress. i've heard a girl say "i don't study in class, i enjoy studying in my room instead", and guess what, she came to visit her boy who was studying in class, who prefers studying in class, who needs not be disturbed cos he's studying. please face your studies, and let GOD find your life partner for you.

These are the few i've got under this category, feel free to add yours.

NOW!! list of things you need.

1. GOD: trust me you need him by your side to destroy whatever your enemies has placed for you. not everybody out there is human, so you need him to take control and protect you.

2. Food: Buy enough food with your pocket money, you don't want to study when you're hungry and don't have food, cos you've probably spent all your money and you've ran out of foodstuff cos you bought little and thought you'll survive on cash.

3. Android phone or a laptop: both should be of moderate price, so you'll be able to access em E-Books that'll be flying around.

4. Good Clothing so you'll at least look responsible.

5. Friends(few good few): you need the ones that'll help you succeed that's all.

6. Headphones: you need em loud music when you're feeling down, when you're in a noisy class and you need to study( organised noise(music) is better than unorganized ones, trust me.

that's all i have for now, feel free to add yours.

Monday, 20 August 2018


Antar Laniyan: 10 quick facts about the Nollywood actor

Antar Laniyan is one of the most respected Nollywood directors Photo:
Antar Laniyan is one of the most respected Nollywood directors

Nollywood actor cum director, Antar Laniyan is a year older today, May 26, 2016.
In celebration of the respected role interpreter, we bring you 10 things about him you should know…

antar laniyan movies
Antar Laniyan, Biodun Okeowo and Aderupoko on set.

  1. Antar Laniyan was born in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State.
  2. He attended Baptist secondary school in Lagos State before he later proceeded to the University of Ibadan where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts.
  3. Antar started his career as an actor in 1981.
    Antar and Ibinabo Fiberesima
  4. His first major role as a professional actor was the role of a ‘Major General’ in a film titled Everybody Want to Know.
  5. Laniyan has featured in several Nigerian films including Sango, a film scripted by Wale Ogunyemi and produced by Obafemi Lasode.
    antar laniyan photo
    Antar with junior colleagues, Adedimeji Lateef and Seyi Edun on a movie set
  6. The respected actor was the director of the first episode of Super Story, the award-winning Nigerian soap opera produced by Wale Adenuga in the year 2000.
  7. Antar also directed Oh Father Oh Daughter and This Life produced from the stable of Wale Adenuga Production.
  8. He’s from a royal family in Osogbo.
  9. His elder brother is currently the king of his village and he has been tipped as the next king.
    Antar Laniyan
    Antar and his wife.
  10. Antar is happily married with four kids.

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