Tuesday, 12 November 2019

5 Reasons You Are Not To Blame For Being Jobless

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After putting up a stunning performance at a job interview, a regret mail still follows. This might not be your fault after all. Below are some reasons that will prove you're on the right path..

The current Paralysis in the economic activities of this country give little or no room for investment hence, a drastic reduction in the number of employment quota. Imagine when the economy was fully vetted, unemployment was on the rise. How much more when when we have no plan in place to stabilize the economy. The implications of this is ; Portfolio that usually have 30Slots is likely to be slashed by 1/3rd. Which further make an already tight contest tighter.

In every job interview, the bridge between an applicant and the prospective job is the HR. I've noticed a clear difference between Nigerian HR and their foreign counterparts. In Nigeria, HRM sees interview as war. They ll do everything to get you off balance. Even if you outsmart them with your level of preparedness and confidence, they'll create new rules to ensure you don't get the job. The most annoying part is when they have to invite 100 candidates for a single position, regardless of the effort you put, luck might not just smile at you. That doesn't mean you performed woefully. No, it the system.

In a bid to secure a high paying job in multinational companies and government parastatals, you have to have some sort of connections. It is very painful to see yourself go through series of test, assessment Centre, group discussions only for you to meet entirely different faces during the interview. That only is enough to demoralize you. Believe me, it only in Nigeria you ll see graduates of Medicine, Engineering and law teaching and hawking GNLD Products. That's not because they lack the Zeal to compete in challenging environment but rather the available slot In high profile job have been hijacked through who-know-who mechanism. You attend an interview and a regret mail follows, never get dejected, someone at the top want that slot for someone else.

Regardless of how superb your performance is in a job interview, if a success mail doesn't follow, friends and family see you as failure. The recruitment process in Nigerian companies is very annoying. The common cliche at the end of every job interview in Nigeria has always been " we will get back to you" this keep most graduate in suspense. You don't hear from them doesn't mean you didn't perform. Believe me, a lot must have happened during this period. Take for instance, you were the preferred candidate but along the line " connection" factor played out or the company tend to put the recruitment process on hold.

Regardless of how much effort you put up during job interview if forces from your village follow you enter the interview venue, You will talk everything in your mouth and still not get hired. That doesn't mean you are bad. No, far from it..

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