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MEN:Eight Types Of Women You Shouldn't Date

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Men have the gift of spotting baggage carriers from afar off, as well as the skill toavoid them.Well, most men… If you’re one of the helpless souls who donot, here are the 8 types of women that no young Nigeria man should date at all

1. The Barbie.
The only thing Barbie has, is her pretty face.Finish. She’s the type of woman that doesn’t know much about anything. Hell, she doesn’t care much about anything! As long as her pretty face is intact, the world can burn for all she cares.

2. The Drama Queen.
Avoid this person like aplague, even as a friend.She has no qualms about creating a scene over a perceived sin. She would bawl her eyesout loudly in public if she feels you don’t love her;or love her enough. Shecries, she’s passionate and yes, she loves the attention.

3. The Possessive/
Obsessive Clinger.Similar to Miss DQabove, but she doesn’thave the need to causedrama; she has a needfor YOU. At all times.She calls thrice an hour.
Her first question always is ‘Where areyou?’ If you don’t pickup because you’regetting chewed up by your boss, expect the multi-page accusatory text messages to start flooding in. She gets upset when you have the barest interactionwith another woman.She wants to be the only presence in your life. Before she goes theway of Cameron Diaz’scharacter in ‘VanillaSky’, quickly give her the boot.

4. The Wife.
She is not interested in dating. She doesn’t want a boyfriend: she wants a husband. She wants to marry. Now! One date and she’s ready to meet your parents. Two weeks on and she has chosen the names of the children you will have together. Nobody said women were logical creatures but then, life – as well as love – is in stages. I’m not sure I like you yet and you’re already choosing aso ebi… slow down madam.

5. The Party Animal.
There’s nothing wrongwith letting your hairdown and having fun occasionally. When itnow becomes a way of life, nne, we have a problem. Sometimes one needs to chill and enjoy the other person’s company. Not this lady. She knows all
the happening places in Lagos. And Abuja. And London. Her friends aregoing. And she must be there too. The party  animal will be bored with you in no time.

6. The Cheat.
Seriously, do I need toexplain this? There is noway in the world tohave a meaningful relationship with someone who’s cheating on her boyfriend with you.Even if shegets out ofthat relationship andstarts a new one withyou, you know that she has no qualms about infidelity. She’s going tocheat on you too. Period.

7. Nairabody.
“I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she aint messing with no broken…” This is the type of woman who craves thefiner things in life and expects a man to provide them. She’swith you only for themoney. She might actually ‘like’ you, but if you can’t buy her things
and generally assume responsibility as her personal cash dispenser, forget it; you can’t get five minutes of her time. She’s a proat using sex as a tool:you get it when you pay. The moment she finds a more affluent man (that is if she doesn’t have a bunch of you suckers around her pinky already), she’s going to kick your broke behind to the curb. Expecting a steady stable relationship from Nairabody is futile.There are better ways to waste time and money.

8. Your neighbour’s: teenage daughter.Forget how she looks in a tank top. There’s a law against that type

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