Thursday, 2 August 2018

5 Benefits Of Guest Posting

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Guest posting is the act of writing contents for other blogs in exchange for amazing rewards like including your blog links,twitter handle Namee.t.c

In other words Guest posting is the act of creating contents and sending it to other people's website for backlinks

I am also a fan of allowing other people to Write guest post on my blog anytime they wish,you should consider offering guest post on your blog too(if you didn't consider it before)

1.Increase Traffic :
The main advantage guest posting offer is that your own blog traffic will be increased as far as backlinks will be involved,there are even tendencies that the host may loose his or her viewers to you

2.Add to blog popularity: Another reason why you should consider guest posting is that your blog popularity will easily increase and that's how popular blogs like shoutmeloud,goinswriter made it to the very top.
If you really want to increase your blog popularity guest posting is what you must consider

3.Increase pagerank :
Pagerank is an alogrithm used by goole search engine to rank websites in their searc results and it was named after Larry Page(One of Google founder)
It works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine rough estimate of how important the page is.

4.Increase backlinks :
Backlink is a major factor search engines consider before ranking,getting enough backlinks will help to beat your competitors for competitive keywords

5.Build better relationship :
Cordial Relationship is a thing that must exist between you and other bloggers if you really want to succed and guest posting is the perfect key to it


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