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4 Top android apps for recording phone calls

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Android call recording apps allow users to record their incoming and outgoing calls. Many of the smartphone manufacturers include a default call recorder app in their devices. But the feature is missing in some Android devices. Here are some free call recording apps you can download on your Android phone.

 MP3 in call recorder:
Mp3 in call recorder is an app for recording call on Android devices.  Even though it is a high quality recorder, it consumes less memory. It can record the call for an hour in 7MB size.  Also, Android users can edit or cut part of the conversation and save it in a new file.

Call recorder

Call recorder is one of most downloaded call recording apps on Google Play store. The feature of the app allows users to save the recording in multiple formats.  When a call comes in, it will start to record when ON key is enabled in the call recorder app.
Another good feature is its ability to sync with ‘Dropbox’ and save recording on cloud.

Automatic call recorder
Automatic call recorder allows Android users to choose which calls should be recorded and which should not be. Recordings will be automatically saved in your inbox where you can listen, and share. There is also a pro version, which allows users to record automatically from particular contacts and it is saved simultaneously.

 Galaxy call recorder
If you are a Samsung Galaxy series Android user, you can use this app to save voice conversation.  Specially designed for Samsung Galaxy Series Smartphones, the best feature of the Galaxy call recorder is the ability to capture a two-way recording on Samsung Note 2, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S III. On other devices, the app uses a microphone to capture audio.


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