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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

15 Funny But True Observations On Nairaland (with Pictures)

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Nairaland is undoubtedly the best and most populous online forum in Nigeria (and Africa sef)... Seun I didn't mean to swell your head sha o, I'm just stating facts ni. Thank me later.

We all know how entertaining and educating nairaland can be. As in, this forum has added immensely positively to different aspects of Nigerian endeavours and youth development, aside the informing and entertaining aspects.

In the course of everything, though, I as a member of this forum have made some vivid observations which for sure are inevitable if you're on nairaland. Observations which I'm sure we're all also familiar with. The observations, some funny and some bitter.

Here they are...

1. You'll have noticed that Lalasticlala is undoubtedly the most popular Nairaland personality... Being a super mod, everything virtually rests on this guy's shoulder. He had also from time to time bore the brunt of all jokes over here... But then, ashually, some are true anyway. He loves snakes, I know that for sure. Lala.. I see you bro cheesy

2. With regards to political affinity or association, nairalanders can be broadly classified into two groups:
Its either you're a "Zombie" or you're a 'Wailer". Which are you? Lol...

3. A long post will be made, and somebody in the comment section will still quote the whole thing, making you pass through the agony of scrolling.. cry

4. That moment when nairaland stopped all airtel's freebasics users from viewing pictures or even logging in, thereby rendering the whole thing useless... They left 'us' all like

(Seun, biko, that thing saves lives. Bring it back for us. Please.)

5. When other bloggers see the traffic nairaland is generating on a daily. It gets them wishing...

6. Those annoying OPs who will make a post with 1 sentence and then refer us to their own personal blogs to view the complete thread... Please why can't you just paste the whole thing here to ease our reading? I doubt if they're even actually after sharing the information. Their own is just to drive traffic to their blogs. Please, if you're one of them, biko, I have had enough o. You cannor come and finish my mb for me.

7. Somewhere, all the time there are those groups of people always on the lookout for new (potential Front page) posts like...

8. How they rush to comment all in a bid to become "FTC"

9. The eventual FTC winner now be feeling like... cool

10. Meanwhile, the OP is somewhere feeling himself, watching his 'views' and 'replies' multiply..

11. OP when he sees Lala viewing his thread.. tongue

12. OP when the post finally hits front page.

13. Meanwhile, there exists a group of people (I belong here) who actually don't give a f?ck about what goes on.. They just come to read comments and get entertained. All the time they're like... grin

14. The funny thing is, atimes you don't even have to read the post. Just come down to the comments, you'll find out what's its all about.

15. And lastly, whenever you think you're jobless, just remember that there are people who are found online on nairaland as early as 3am scavenging for potential FP posts like...

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