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Monday, 26 March 2018

10 Pictures Some Catholic Members Can Relate To

Been a Catholic and even a christian takes a lots of sacrifice, proud to be a catholic, been a catholic in Nigeria is another issue.

1.when you get to the church and they say today is an harvest mass and is no longer at 6am but 8am

2.when you decided to wait till 8am

3.when you are still waiting and you didn't even eat to church

4.finally you see the priest coming when the person taking the first reading made a mistake

6.when the Priest suddenly changes it to a Latin mass during the Responsorial psalm and Gospel Reading .

I cannot come and carry last
**opening the hymn book like...

7.when you see one fresh chick came to sit at your front

8.when you realise you put your last cash 1k instead of 1h in offering box

9.When its time to receive Holy Communion and you didn't go for confession.

10.when you hear the mass is ended

11.You walking home thinking about the 1k

12.when your friend is trying to calm you wetin i go com eat nw

13.And finally God is watching you for not been able to sacrifice for his house


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