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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

"The First 5 Things Recruiters Check In Your Application"

job applicants are rapidly growing in the world and more of these numbers are becoming very frustrated since the chances of getting calls from thousands of jobs they always apply for many months are very slim. This has led many unemployed people to ask continuously as to what recruiters or employers actually want so as to help them perform well in their job hunting endeavour.

To this end, took out time to explore the major 5 (five) things recruiters check in applications during the selection process. It will interest many job applicants to know that the act of recruitment is really not an easy task, but one that comes with lots of stress, requires patience as well as proper planning.

At the end of this piece, it is expected that you learn the 5 (five) critical things recruiters check in your application in order for you to make adjustments where necessary. There is stiff competition in the labour market; and, therefore, it is the purpose of to help you stand out from the crowd with articles like this.

There is nothing more annoying to the recruiter than finding applications that do not conform to the instruction as to how you ought to apply for the job. This has made very qualified applicants to lose out from being hired as the recruiter would simply skip disobedient applications and move to the next without even thinking of giving it a though since that comes with extra stress.

This says a lot about everything in your application. It either makes your application captivating or otherwise. It also shows how serious (or I should say, how professional you are). Being organized reflects from the way you present your application: the style of text used, the way you write your statement of intent which some call application letter, etc. the truth is that there is no best way of being organized with your application. What is essential to remember is that your application (along with your Curriculum Vitae) should look neat, easy to read and the layout should be simple.

To make this simple, the recruiter would look at your educational qualification(s) as well as your past work experience with regard to the vacant job position. This can be said to be the most important thing that recruiters must carefully look out for since it would be dangerous to hire an employee who cannot perform some specific job functions as he claimed during the recruitment process.

Many people have argued this over time on whether or not the age bracket of an applicant can affect his hiring success. The truth about this is that age bracket is relative depending on so many things to consider.
However, what is not acceptable is that there are some jobs which are meant for mature staff particularly in terms of physical appearance. The right thing is not too appear too young for a job that requires mature staff and vice versa. So, under consideration by the recruiter is the length of time your services would be needed if offered the job. It is important to add age usually goes with some level of responsibility and experience in life; and this is why many organisations take this seriously.

After considering the above information about you from your application submitted, the recruiter would like to know your level of intelligence as every organization wants staff who can think fast with some degree of accuracy especially when under work pressure.
To understand this, the recruiter would look at your school grade or any position held anywhere as stated in your application. The recruiter would also look at any achievement along with your skills as stated in your application in order to determine your level of Intelligence Quotient (IQ). For example, a first class student, who is a youth leader in his local community, or won ‘The Best Student Award’ at school, or knows how to use many different a set of software/applications in a computer system, would him appear intelligent, right?

There you have it. In case you have more critical things you feel should be added, would be glad to learn about them.

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