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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

8 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do

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1) TO KNOT TIE: Every man should know how to knot a tie. Some men find it difficult to knot tie. I have seen men walk the whole street looking for who to help them knot a tie.
It is very easy, there are many types and many online tutorials on how to knot them.

2) SHAVE: Every man should endeavor to have a personal clipper, and should also know how to shave and and also know how to get his hair cut.
Sometimes we may get busy during the weekend or forgot to shave only to wake up monday morning and realize that we didn't shave. We can simply shave before leaving for work.

3)HOW TO FIX HOME APPLIANCES: Every man should know how to fix simple home appliances such as how to change electrical sucket, light bulbs, change generator plug, assemble electric fan,hang tv, etc.

4) HOW TO HANDLE SIMPLE TOOLS: Men should learn how to handle tools like hammer, saw blade,brush.Most of the things we call artisans to fix can be fixed if we learn how to use and handle these tools. Every man should have a tool box.

5)HOW TO DRIVE: Every man should know how to drive, do not wait wait until you have your own car,learn how to drive both manual and automatic transmission cars.
This can be very useful in event of emergency.

6) PERFORM BASIC FIRST AID: You don't have to be a doctor,nurse or health practictoneer to know how to perform basic first aid.

7) PAINT A ROOM: One must not paint the whole house, most people like to repaint their house especially when they move into a new apartment. You can save cost by painting your rooms.

cool CARRY A BABY: Every man should know how to carry a baby. you can help your spouse with the baby. It is not 'a woman thing'.

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