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Top 5 Ways To Impress Men

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Have you ever wondered what exactly gets men pleased? If you have, read on.
I always maintain that men are easy to please. If you select 100 men today and ask them for the top five things that get them impressed in a woman, you can narrow the answers to basically the same things. Claiming that we are difficult to please is a fictitious allegation.

As you will see below, I will point at the top five things that get men impressed. Without much delay, let’s begin.

1. Go easy on makeup and the likes: Are you surprised? This is one of the top things that get men impressed about women. Yes, men know you can dress to look good, but the simple truth is that some of the things that you put on are unnecessary. Most men don’t even recognize them. For instance, ask and see if a random man would identify what Brazilian hair is or the work of some of those things in your makeup kit. Nothing is confusing as having a woman on whose face you can locate 50 shades of the rainbow. Men want simplicity, but if you want to wear makeup, moderation is the key. Go easy on the foundation and all those other things you put on. Even I as a guy cannot mention the rest of those things you put on your faces because I don’t even know them. A natural woman or one who uses makeup moderately slays with us anytime.

2. Dress to be attractive and not trashy: Yes, you may get a guy’s attention through trashy dressing, but never his respect. Women who leave too much to be seen are seen as potentials for booty calls and nothing more. That does not mean you should lose your fashion sense. How you dress catches a man’s attention and most men already have an idea of what they want just by taking a look at your appearance. Slay in your native attires. Slay in casual outfits. Slay in corporate wears. Look sharp. Be stunning. But there is no need to go overboard with it. The point is that you should rock an outfit in such a way that you will be seen as a woman and not a sex object.

3. Bring out your cooking skills and be homely: Men may take women out to eateries for dates, but that cannot continue forever. Ultimately, a man would still want to see how homely a woman can be. He would take an assessment of how you can keep a home in order. What advantage is it to have a pretty woman who does not know jack about how to keep a home? More importantly, men would want to be sure their women can cook very well. There is a special conduit that connects a man’s stomach to his heart. The meter in the heart may not read if nothing spectacular is happening in the stomach region. A man should not cook concoction as a bachelor and still continue eating concoction after wedding. No, there’s got to be a difference. In fact, if you can cook very well and keep a home in order, you have won a man’s heart over by at least 50%. tosyne2much am i making sense smiley?

4. Be financially independent: A relationship is not a poverty alleviation program. Rather, a relationship should be a partnership between two people for greatness. Offering assistance once in a while is not the issue. The issue most men have is when the requests become incessant. In today’s world where most women only know how to ask, men get surprised when they a see a woman who is self-reliant. They not only get surprised, but they also get pleased to see someone who has chosen to be different. So, rather than complain and be disappointed about what someone is failing to do for you, you might as well do it for yourself.

5. Be loyal: There are too many stories of disloyalty flying around these days such as cases of female partners leaving their boyfriends for other people. Most times, karma makes sure that the tables turn. It is becoming normal when financially struggling men get dumped for a well-to-do guy. What would get any man surprised today is when a woman chooses to stay in the relationship because she believes in her man. That act of loyalty is one of the highest sources of pleasure and motivation for a man. Moreover, guys want to know their partner is really faithful and not crowd-dating. Believe it that most men secretly want to be proved wrong on the guys’ cliché that says “hoes are not loyal.”

So, those are the top five ways to impress a man. What are your thoughts? click share if you Agree and Click Like if you disagree.

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