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Friday, 11 August 2017

5 Classes Of People To Value

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"You don't know the value of what you have until you lose it''.


Too often,we take for granted the people who deserve our gratitude,respect and recognition.We don't even know who we should appreciate,why we should recognise and value them...We never get to realise this,until they are gone.

If you don't know the people to appreciate,never take these people for granted.

1.Those That Worry About You:Trust me,not everyone goes around looking for 'extras' to worry about.Everyone has got their own personal issues to be concerned about.When people go 'extra' to see to your wellbeing,to check on you;they surely have your best interest at heart.Such people are rare to come by-Do cherish them.

2.Those That Correct You:Taking correction is hard.Most people see correction like that bitter pill we always avoid taking,when the pill has come to make us better.Somehow,somewhere;we mess up,take correction and move on-that's life.No one is above mistake,neither is anyone beyond correction.When people correct you,they only want to see you move on to succeed-take the right path.This act is love-driven.Don't make light of corrections.We all need it in order to make progress.Respect such people.

3.Those That Are There For The Good Times And The Bad:'Success has many friends,while failure has no friend'.This popular maxim is coined from human disposition.Everybody wants the good times,nobody wants the bad times.There are people who are with you for the benefit and when the benefit stops because of circumstances:they will turn their back against you,denying ever knowing you.When you have friends/people who are ready to stick with you through thick and thin,share your happiness and sadness:never let them go!Such folks come with the tag 'priceless'.Appreciate them.

4.Those That Want To See You Do Well:Everyone wants to be an exact representation of 'I am doing well'.A successful life is not gotten by mere wishing.There must be a deliberate move and effort.Everybody is striving to beat the other person by the side at all cost.It is survival of the fittest.People are just too busy to offer a helping hand,just a very few who throw in their support.For people/friends/family whose got your back,who go out of their way to support and lend hands to your elevation and success story:always keep and appreciate them.

5.Those That Tell You The Truth: One thing people hate accepting and facing is the truth.People prefer living in deception,lies just to keep themselves from pain.As bitter as truth always set minds free.Truth never damages a cause that is just.It is always fulfilling and rewarding to know that choices and decisions we make are based on the truth.While it takes courage and strenght to admit the truth:when people/friends tell and admit the truth,when they are being honest with you-never let them go.Value them.Honesty is a scarce commodity very few can pay for.

Holding people in high esteem is just one of the ways of appreciating their impact and effort towards your wellbeing.
Value What You Have,Before It Becomes What You Had.

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