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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

12 Funny Wedding Pictures You Can Relate With


In Nigeria, even in hard times we make humour out of everything...why don't you sit down, relax and relate to this pictures.
it's young jing the wicked photographer.

1.when you are marrying the daughter of an Ifa priest

2. When you marry a guy who never thought he will ever marry a fine gey

3. When your best man wants his own part of the package now now

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4. When you see some wan that is more clueless than you are

5. When you promise your brides made husbands after the wedding

6. When you bought wedding gown on credit

7.when you hear that your Yoruba inlaws are bringing the whole village to your wedding

8. When both of you refused to kiss during church wedding and ur groomsmen/bridesmaid are not smiling about it

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9. When you are marrying a poor mans only daughter and you your self is poor

10. When you are marrying a dry cleaner

11. When all your grooms men are bachelors

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 12. When your groom is charley boi's younger brother

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