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10 Ways To Know If You Can Trust Your Partner

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No one wants to be with someone they cannot trust, especially if you are considering a lifetime commitment with them.

It might not be clear, straight up, whether or not a person is trustworthy, but these few tips and tests below, should should help ease your fears.

1. Who they are with: ‘Show me your friend and I will show you who you are’, is a very popular saying for a reason. You can tell a lot about a person by the kinds of people they hang out with, and how their friends see them.
Hanging out with your partner and his/her friends from time to time will give you a pretty good idea on how their friends treat him/her and whether or not the friends consider your partner a trustworthy person.

2. Watch for lies: A person does not have to lie to you for you to know they are untrustworthy, all they have to do is lie to people in your presence. If you notice your partner finds it very easy to give others information which you know is false without batting an eyelids, it means he/she is extremely likely to lie to you too.

3. Notice what they do: Action speaks louder than words.  A honest and trustworthy person does not have to go around telling you and others that they are trustworthy. Their actions will certainly reflect this eventually.

4. Don’t ignore the little things: Often times, betrayal of trust does not just come from out of the blue. You should keep an eye out for the little signs he is not reliable, such as do they do what they say they will do? Does he/she show up on time, etc.

5. Gossip: A person who gossips to you will most likely gossip about you and gossiping about other people is a form of backstabbing. So, if your partner is an obsessive gossip, then they should not be trusted.

6. Does not take blames: Not every single negative thing in your life is other people’s fault. The act of taking the blame for some things that happen to you shows you are honest with yourself, and most likely, honest with others. If your partner is all about blaming family, friends, etc, for all their misfortune, it is a sign they cannot be trusted.
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7. Over-Flattery: When a person goes over the top in an attempt to flatter you and impress you, to the extent of saying things that you know are untrue, it is a big red flag that tells you they will say/do anything for what they want, including lie.

8. Being secretive: If you are dating someone that always seem to be secretive about everything, then you should beware. If they cannot answer a simple question without sounding like they are hiding something, you should not give them your trust.

9. Exaggeration: If your partner is always saying or promising things that sound too good to be true, then beware. Liars are often good at exaggerating.

10. Give it time: You cannot truly know whether a person is trustworthy until you have been with them for a while, so relax and bear in mind that with time, a person’s true colour will show and as long as you know what to look for, you will know whether or not they are trustworthy in due course.



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