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Wednesday, 15 August 2018


24 Shocking Science Facts

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Shocking Science Facts 

1. There are 206 bones in the adult human body while there are 300 in children. As children grow some of the bones fuse together.

2. Almost 80% of the human brain consists of water!

3. The housefly is the most dangerous animal in the world.They transmit more diseases than any other animal because of their habits of visiting animal waste

4. The head has an extensive circulatory network making it possible for the body to lose 40 to 50 percent of its heat through the head.
This fact has been used by most of us, after walking in the sun and we feel hot, which part of the body do we pour water on? The head of course!

5. It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

6. The stapes or stirrup bone located in the middle ear is the smallest bone in the human body . It is approximately 0.28cm (0.11 inches) long.

7. The longest cells in the human body are the motor neurons.
They can be up to 1.37 meters ( 4.5 feet ) long. They run from the lower spinal cord to the big toe.

8. The blue whale can produce sounds up to 188 decibels.
This is the loudest sound produced by any living animal, it can be detected as far away as 530 miles.

9. The letter “J” is the only letter not appearing on the Periodic Table .

10. Lake Mead is in the United State, it is the largest man-made lake.

11. The human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.

12. The estimated surface temperature of planet Venus is 462°C, this is the highest for any planet in the solar system.

13. It is unbelievable but it is a fact that the ears of a cricket are located on their front legs, just below the knee.

14. Hummingbirds are the only animals able to fly backwards.

15. Shrimp’s hearts are in their heads.

16. Kangaroos cannot walk backwards.

17. An ostrich’s eye is bigger that its brain

18. Everyone’s tongue print is different.

19. There are more living organisms on the skin of a single human being than there are human beings on the surface of the earth.

20. If your mouth was completely dry, you would not be able to distinguish the taste of anything.

21. Crocodiles swallow stones to help them dive deeper.

22. Giraffes are unable to cough.

23. Starfish don’t have brains.

24. Shark’s teeth are literally as hard as steel.


Friday, 10 August 2018


5 Incurable STDS & How To Stay Healthy If You Have One

Learning you have a sexually transmitted infection or disease is never ideal, particularly when you find out you’ve contracted one whose outlook is all too grim. While there’s no cure for some STDs, treatment options may be available to lessen or alleviate symptoms. When it comes to your sexual health, there’s no better time to play it safe. Here are five incurable STDs, and the best treatment options for each.

1. Herpes Simplex

Herpes is a untreatable but manageable skin condition that gets into and lives in your nerves. It’s super prevalent: nearly everyone has the virus by the end of their lives. There are two types — the more common HSV-1 usually lives in or around your mouth (and is usually called cold sores), while HSV-2 prefers your genital region. However, each can live in the other place as well. You can have the herpes virus inside you and not even know it (it’s estimated that 20 to 30 percent of people who have herpes are unaware), but if you do get symptoms, they will be in the form of tiny, fluid-filled blisters that burst and leave behind painful ulcers that take one to three weeks to heal. Luckily, this only happens occasionally.

Also luckily, you can take daily medication to suppress herpes symptoms. Taking this suppressive antiviral medication can reduce outbreaks by up to 80 percent, and in many people suppresses outbreaks altogether. Other people only take meds when they feel an outbreak coming on, which is usually preceded by feelings of tingling, burning, itching, or pain. Suppressive medications have been shown to diminish the risk of spreading the virus to other humans. So while you’re not cured, if you’re taking your medication as your doctor prescribes, you’re pretty close to living herpes-blister-free and protecting your loved ones.

There are also some non-medical things you can do to minimize herpes outbreaks and manage your symptoms. These include supplements and herbs, special diets, and minimizing your stress.

2. HIV
HIV is another of the currently incurable STDs, although it is the one with the most money being thrown at research for a cure. This virus attacks your immune system, making it too weak to fight off other sick-making things that may enter your body. The result can be devastating, as evidenced by the horrific death toll, which is currently around 35 million worldwide since the epidemic began in the 1980s.

Luckily, with current antiviral medication regimens, people are living with HIV for much longer. And even better, a brand-new study that came out this year found that people who take their medication as prescribed to lower the amount of viral copies in their system had no instances of passing along HIV to their partners, even when they weren’t using condoms. So while this isn’t a cure, it’s definitely treatment at its most useful.

3. Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
HPV is also called genital warts, although only a few of the 40-ish strains actually cause warts. Some of the other strains are potentially cancer-causing, and the rest kinda just hitch a ride in your body. Depending on how old you are, you may have already gotten the vaccine against HPV — this only covers you against the highest risk strains for cancer and warts. So regardless, chances are at some point in your life, you’ll get HPV in your body. There are some things you can do to manage your symptoms. These include some medical procedures like freezing off the warts, changing what you eat, taking herbs, and minimizing your stress. But nope, there’s no medical cure.

I say “medical” because you do have a cure — you! Your immune system, more specifically. Most times, your body clears the HPV infection all on its own. So just because you test positive for HPV or get warts, doesn’t mean you’ll have it forever. In fact, the average life of an HPV infection is between four and twenty months, and most people kick it within two years. HPV progresses to pre-cancer in the rare instance when your body is unable to clear a high-risk cancer strain for a long time. This leads your infected cells to turn abnormal.

4. Hepatitis A & B
Hepatitis is a bloodborne virus that messes with your liver. There are three types: A, B, and C. If you get one of these, it can severely impair your liver function, leading to illness and even death. For Hepatitis A and B, there is no cure. However, there is a vaccine for these two types — and, as with HPV, your body usually clears both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B within a few months. However, some people do end up with chronic Hepatitis B, which means their body didn’t get rid of it within six months. For folks with chronic Hepatitis B infection, there are medications that can slow down the damage the virus does to your liver.

Until recently, Hepatitis C was another incurable STD — and then researchers developed a cure. That’s right, pretty much everyone with Hepatitis C can now be cured. See? There’s hope!

5. Gonorrhea
Unfortunately, gonorrhea, a previously totally curable STD, is becoming resistant to medication. So if you end up with gonorrhea and try to get it treated, it might work — and it might not.

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection. Not everyone who has it gets symptoms, but if you do, they will include yellow vaginal discharge and vaginal itching, burning, or redness. You can also experience pain when peeing or having sex. If this is happening to you, you should still go to your doctor to get antibiotics. However, this bacteria keeps gaining resistance to more and more antibiotic types. Until researchers figure out a solution to this, we will probably start using antimicrobials to manage the symptoms of gonorrheal infection.


No one likes living with an incurable disease of any kind. However, the good news is that all the STDs that are currently incurable are pretty manageable with medication and/or relatively doable lifestyle changes. Medicine is also progressing so rapidly that I hope that my response here totally dates this article in the near future because we’ve come up with even more cures for more sexually transmitted diseases!

Either way, the bottom line is that no STD should ruin your life. They are hitching a ride on your gorgeous body and they better recognize who is in charge. So don't freak out — just get tested regularly and manage your health!

10 Questions That Will Help Shape Your Career

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In 2011, after I discovered that I could live my dream life and put my footprints on the sand of history by working with my talents, I set out on a lonely path to success. After 3years, i got confused, frustrated and disorganized because despite knowing what I had, I still wasn't moving. I needed to move forward, I needed to storm my world. As I sat down in 2014 to ponder on it, questions that helped shaped my career and gave me motion began to flow through my mind. These questions helped me and I strongly believe that they can help you too.

1. What Am I Doing?
A clear understanding of this question will put you on the right path to success. This question will bring you back to reality.Not knowing what you're doing can make you leave your own path and walk in other people's paths. It's important to always ask ourselves this question regularly. What am I doing? Am I doing what am supposed to be doing?

2. Why Am I Doing This?
Why are you doing what you're doing? Why are you working with your talents when you should be working in the bank, or hospital with your degree? The why, is the motive behind a task and the motive is very important in shaping one's career. Is it because you think you can do it better? or is it
because that's what's in vogue? or is it because of the lack of 'white collar jobs? or is it because you want to use that talent of yours to impact lives? A truthful answer to this question will help point you to the right path.

3. Where am I going with this?
This question helped me, it can help you too. Every talentpreneur should have an understanding of where their
talents will lead them to.
Will working with your talents lead you to the palace or the
Will it help you achieve your dreams and ambitions in life.
What do you intend to achieve from it? It's important we ask
ourselves this silly but important question because what's
the use of walking on a path that leads to nowhere.

4. Who am I doing this for?
It's important for every talentpreneur to know their target
Which set of people can y
ou easily relate with? Can you
easily relate with the youths, females, males, old, young, rich,
poor, educated, uneducated, sick, broken hearted,
unemployed etc. We need to also know our location, our
territory. We can also chose our target audience and work
towards taking our talents to them.

5. What will I gain from this?
It's wisdom to engage in a profitable venture. In fact,
engaging in an unprofitable venture can be regarded as
foolishness. Will it bring you peace of mind, happiness, joy,
rest, riches, honour, and above all, will it make you a fulfilled
man or woman?

6. What will I lose for not doing this?
I've sometimes imagined not doing what I'm doing, and the
picture isn't pleasant. Most people are doing what they are
not gifted at and that's the cause of the lackadaisical
attitudes of some employees.

7. How can I improve on this?
Every talent needs proper development and refinement. And
it's also important for talentpreneurs to get the adequate
skills that will help improve their talents and presentation to
the audience.
We're not the only person doing what we're doing, so, we
must always look for ways to improve our talents and

8. How can I make a living from this?
The proper use of just a talent has the potential of turning
someone into a multi millionaire. In other words, every
talents can be monetized. As a talent coach, I've discovered
that talent monetization is regarded as the most difficult
aspects of talentpreneurship, but it can be made easier if
only we'd seek how to.

9. How can I take this to my audience?
This is where talent promotion comes to play. In Africa, lack
of finance has always been the major constraint to effective
talent promotion, thus, the need for strategic talent promotion
and marketing.

10. Who should I take along?
Every Moses needs a Aaron, every Abraham needs a Lot and
every Jesus needs his twelve disciples. The person or people
you take along in the pursuit of your dreams through your
talents will determine if you will gain speed or lag behind. At
the early stage of your career, you may have to go alone, but
we must understand that we can't do it all alone thus the
need to build a team that can help us to achieve our dreams
and missions.

Written by -
Johnspeak Uwangue with input from King Godwin Uwangue (Kinginvahala).

Sunday, 5 August 2018


4 Top android apps for recording phone calls

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Android call recording apps allow users to record their incoming and outgoing calls. Many of the smartphone manufacturers include a default call recorder app in their devices. But the feature is missing in some Android devices. Here are some free call recording apps you can download on your Android phone.

 MP3 in call recorder:
Mp3 in call recorder is an app for recording call on Android devices.  Even though it is a high quality recorder, it consumes less memory. It can record the call for an hour in 7MB size.  Also, Android users can edit or cut part of the conversation and save it in a new file.

Call recorder

Call recorder is one of most downloaded call recording apps on Google Play store. The feature of the app allows users to save the recording in multiple formats.  When a call comes in, it will start to record when ON key is enabled in the call recorder app.
Another good feature is its ability to sync with ‘Dropbox’ and save recording on cloud.

Automatic call recorder
Automatic call recorder allows Android users to choose which calls should be recorded and which should not be. Recordings will be automatically saved in your inbox where you can listen, and share. There is also a pro version, which allows users to record automatically from particular contacts and it is saved simultaneously.

 Galaxy call recorder
If you are a Samsung Galaxy series Android user, you can use this app to save voice conversation.  Specially designed for Samsung Galaxy Series Smartphones, the best feature of the Galaxy call recorder is the ability to capture a two-way recording on Samsung Note 2, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S III. On other devices, the app uses a microphone to capture audio.

Thursday, 2 August 2018


5 Benefits Of Guest Posting

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Guest posting is the act of writing contents for other blogs in exchange for amazing rewards like including your blog links,twitter handle Namee.t.c

In other words Guest posting is the act of creating contents and sending it to other people's website for backlinks

I am also a fan of allowing other people to Write guest post on my blog anytime they wish,you should consider offering guest post on your blog too(if you didn't consider it before)

1.Increase Traffic :
The main advantage guest posting offer is that your own blog traffic will be increased as far as backlinks will be involved,there are even tendencies that the host may loose his or her viewers to you

2.Add to blog popularity: Another reason why you should consider guest posting is that your blog popularity will easily increase and that's how popular blogs like shoutmeloud,goinswriter made it to the very top.
If you really want to increase your blog popularity guest posting is what you must consider

3.Increase pagerank :
Pagerank is an alogrithm used by goole search engine to rank websites in their searc results and it was named after Larry Page(One of Google founder)
It works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine rough estimate of how important the page is.

4.Increase backlinks :
Backlink is a major factor search engines consider before ranking,getting enough backlinks will help to beat your competitors for competitive keywords

5.Build better relationship :
Cordial Relationship is a thing that must exist between you and other bloggers if you really want to succed and guest posting is the perfect key to it


Wednesday, 25 July 2018


21 Tips To Make Distinction In All Your Courses As A Nigerian Undergraduate

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I decided to write this post for the purpose of granting the request of one of the readers of this blog, an undergraduate of university of Benin. He wanted a guide on how to make distinction in all his courses. As much as he’s going to benefit from this article, I also believe you will benefit immensely if you are currently undergoing an academic program in any institution of higher learning.The ideas and academic success principles I am about to share with you are what I have personally applied and have seen worked for other high-flying students I met in the course of my academic journey from primary school to the university level.

What to do to make distinction in your courses include the following:

1. Desire to Make Distinction in All Your Courses Badly: Every achievement in life begins with a DESIRE. If you must make distinction in all your courses, you must have a BURNING desire to achieve that feat. With a burning desire, you will be able to go through every pain and stress necessary to birth your distinctions. When you are faced with obstacles, a burning desire for academic success will propel you to focus on solutions rather than problems. It will keep you going.

2. Write down your goal: Your goal here is to make distinction in all your courses. It is not enough to just have it on your head that you want to make distinction in all your courses, it is important you write it down in your personal journal. Writing down your goals makes them appear tangible and achievable. It is essential that you paste it where you can see it every day. You can paste it beside your mirror or somewhere in your room.

The first thing I always do once I resume for a new term when I was in secondary is to make a list of all my subjects and write the grades I want to have in all. I did same too when I was an undergraduate. The result is that my mates marvel at my academic performance. Some folks in my secondary school days, especially when I was in J.S.S 1 taught I was not ordinary, because they could not imagine how I achieved the feat of making A’s in virtually all my subjects. The reason lies in the fact that I decided to make A’s in all my subjects and I know that if it must be, I must have certain amount of mark in each subject to attain the goal, so I put in the needed effort to achieve my goal. I went on to be among the top 10 graduating students in secondary school out of over 200 hundred students, and graduated with a second class upper from the university. Without academic goals, you can hardly be an outstanding student.

3. Get the course outline of all the courses for the semester: what will be your class of degree, whether a first class, second class upper, second class lower, third class or ordinary pass at the end of your degree program is a combination of your performances in all the semesters that constitute your degree program. Your ultimate success will be determined by the success of each semester. If you can endeavor to do well one semester at a time, you will come out with a satisfactory class of degree, at least a minimum of second class upper.

To have a successful semester, the first thing to do is to get the course outline for all your courses. Everything you are expected to know for the semester is in the course outline, and its content is where your test and examination questions will be drawn from. It is an essential tool that you must have.

4. Get the materials for all your courses: In higher institutions in Nigeria, lecturers usually prepare handout for the course they are taking, and each student is expected to get a copy of the handout, so that they can have access to the components of the course. If you want to make distinction, it essential you get all the materials for your courses. Buy all the recommended handouts and text books for the semester. If you can’t afford them, borrow from those who bought and make photocopy, it is cheaper.

5. Attend lectures regularly: if you want to make distinction in all your courses, it is imperative that you attend lectures. When you are in class, listen to the lecturer. Compare his teachings to the content of the course material. There are some lecturers that teach so many things that you won’t find in the course material, while some teach word for word of what is in the course material. Now, for the lecturers whom you cannot predict what they teach based on their course material, it is essential that you attend their class, in fact don’t miss their class, if making distinction is your goal.

Some brilliant students don’t believe in attending lectures because they believe they can always read, and assimilate the content of the course materials and pass exam. What do you think would happen if most questions are set out of the content of the course material or if the lecturer expects students to answer certain questions based on the explanation he gave in class? Such students no matter how brilliant they are won’t make a distinction in that course. I once failed a course that way. I got to the examination hall only to see questions whose answers can never be found in the course material.

If you must boycott any lecturer’s class, let it be the class of a lecturer whose teaching can be predicted based on the course material. Without attending his class, you will pass if you study the course material properly.

Another reason why it is essential to attend lectures is because of continuous assessment. Continuous assessment is the combination of your class attendance, your contribution in class, assignments and test coupled with the final examination score. Not attending classes will make you lose some mark which may cost you a distinction in that course.

6. Read, Read and Read: If you don’t like reading, you may not be able make distinction in all your courses. You must be ready to read. Try to know the studying method that work best for you and the best time of the day that you can assimilate things faster. To some, their prime time is early in the morning, some prefer afternoon while some get the best out of studies when they study at night. It is your responsibility to know the reading method, and time of the day that works best for you.

If you must make distinction in all your courses, it is imperative that you cover all the components or content of your course outline. It is essential that you read your course material(s) from cover to cover, and digest them properly.

7. Get Past question papers: Research shows that about 50% of questions set for candidates during examination can be found in past question papers of that particular course or subject. Past question paper is a powerful tool you will need to excel in any course. Make effort to get the past question papers of all your courses as early as possible, and learn to use them as the semester progresses. Study the way the lecturer structures his questions, and apply it as you study his course material. Frame questions based on his pattern of setting question for all the contents of the course material, and learn to answer them in the best way possible.

8. Do your assignment and submit promptly
: Assignment, whether individual or group is one of the components of continuous assessment. Failure to do and submit your assignment may cost you a distinction, no matter how brilliant you are. For this reason, cooperate with your lecturer by doing your assignment as soon as possible and submit when expected.

9. Always prepare for impromptu test: There are days you will go for lectures as usual, only for the lecturer to tell you to get a sheet of paper, write your name and matriculation number, and your course code. The next thing you will see is questions on the board. If you didn’t anticipate such test, you will be thrown off balance. And if you fail such test due to lack of preparation, that may cost you a distinction. To avoid such failure, I suggest that as soon as you are getting to the middle of the semester, you should always expect test any time you are going for lectures and always prepare in advance.

10. Find out the marking style of the lecturers: if you want to make a distinction in a course, it is important you know the way the lecturer expects students to answer his questions. Some lecturers want you to give them verbatim what they taught you or what are in their course material, while others want you to come up with something out of the box but still in line with what you were taught. Having this knowledge and answering his questions based on his expectation will earn you your distinction without stress. You can get this information from senior colleagues who have passed through the lecturer.

11. Prepare adequately for examination: At the end of every semester, you are going to write exam in all the courses for that semester. If you have followed the previous instructions, you will definitely be prepared for the final exam. You must make adequate preparation for the exam. Adequate preparation include, covering the course outline, reading all the recommended course materials, reading the note taken in class during lectures and practicing past questions.

12. Don’t miss the revision class prior to exam: Examination is never a battle between the lecturers and students. It is the joy of every good teacher to see that his students excel at the end of the semester.
During final revision that precedes examination, the teacher most often do their best to give students hints on possible areas that questions are likely to come out from. Prior to this time, they have set their questions, and submitted them to the faculty management.

By being attentive to what the lecturer says in the revision class, you will have a glimpse of possible questions to be expected and areas you need to focus on in the course material or lecturer’s note. Missing such class can cost you a distinction.

13. Choose your friends wisely: it is important to note that the people with whom you associate as a student play a very big role in your academics. You must make effort to relate with students who are serious minded; students who have burning desire for unlimited academic success. These set of students would challenge and motivate you to be up and doing. Associating will them with keep you alert and help you to focus on your academic goals. Always remember that “he that walks with the wise shall be wise, but the companion of fools shall be destroyed.” It is better to be a loner as a student than to be in the company of unserious folks. Choose your friends wisely!

5 Things to Do On the Examination Day

The examination day is the day to reap every effort you have been making right from day one of the semester, so if you make any mistake that day, you may end up losing your reward. I suggest that you do the following five things on the examination day.

14. Be early to the exam venue: It is essential you get to the exam hall or venue at least fifteen minutes before the exam commences. This will give you the opportunity to relax and get your mind ready for the exam.

15. Go with all the needed examination kit: This may include your pen, mathematical set, your Id card, and everything you will be in need of in the examination hall. Don’t go to the exam hall with the plan of borrowing anything you will need. Doing so will slow you down, and can even cost you your distinction.

16. Write your name and matriculation number where they are needed: There have been cases where students submit answer booklet and forget to write their name and matriculation number. To avoid this mistake, write your name, matriculation number, and course code as soon as you get your answer booklet.

17. Read the instructions thoroughly and comprehend them before you solve the questions:
Take note of the instructions in your question paper and solve the questions in obedience to them. Most often, examiners use such words as list, state, enumerate, discuss, explain, and define and so on. You are expected to answer the questions based on the command or instruction given in the question paper. Disobedience to instruction due to error in understanding the instructions or answering the question in a way that is not consistent with the instructions simply to show the lecturer that you are brilliant can cause you fail.

18. Write legibly: If you have a bad handwriting, such that only you can read your work, you will fail no matter how brilliant you are. When writing examination, write in such a way, that even a blind man can read what you write. When you give the right answers using clear and legible hand writing, you can never be denied of distinction.

19. Work with time: Duration of time is always allotted to examination; it is your duty to make sure you answer as many as possible questions within the time given. If you know the answers but too slow to solve all the questions before the time elapses, you will lose your chances of making a distinction. What you need here is speed and accuracy.

20. Revise your answers before submitting:
Don’t be in a rush to submit. Nobody is given a distinction for being the first to submit. Check your work properly; make corrections where necessary before you submit. And when submitting, make sure you submit in the right place because there are cases where students of different levels write exam simultaneously in the same hall. The school management often makes such arrangement in an attempt to curb examination malpractices. It will be a great mistake to have your script mixed up with a different group of students due to your own error. This kind of mistake is probably why some students do have missing script issue. Once again, make sure you submit where you should submit.

21. Keep praying till you see your result:
You have done your best, now it is time to leave the rest to God. The kind of prayer you should pray is left to you. You must have it in mind that God will help you only when you have helped yourself by following the instructions in this article.

Author: Taiwo Emayosanlomo, success coach, blogger, and motivational speaker


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