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Tuesday, 20 February 2018


5 Nigerians In "Black Panther"

In recent times, there have been controversies about popular American movie Black Panther which was said to have allegedly added top Nollywood stars, Funke Akindele-Bello and Genevieve Nnaji.

However, none of these actresses came out to confirm if there were truly on the set of the movie or not but Nigerians made their research and came out with screenshots of where their names were spotted.

At the moment the movie Black Panther is one of the most anticipated films of the year. The movie, which has gathered a movement, is the first all-black feature cast and director movie and has been embraced by the black community as a big break for the black community.

According to Guardian, they came up with a list of five talented Nigerians in the movie Black Panther. The list consists of only one woman.


Talk talent and Sope Aluko takes a good spot. The Nigerian-born mother of two speaks four languages including her native language, Yoruba. Asides two degrees in engineering and marketing, she had her drama education at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and has performed at the National Arts Theatre in Lagos. She has acted in The Good Lie, 96 minutes and Identity Thief. She plays the role of Shaman in Black Panther movie.

She has also featured in the movie, Pitch Perfect 2, she played the role of a tomboy.


One time Lagos-based Tunde Laleye moved to the United States with his family in 1997 where he completed his secondary school education. He is a registered nurse and studied the Eric Morris Process of Acting. He has acted in several films and television series including Zoo and MacGyver. He is a Border Tribesman (uncredited) in the Black Panther movie.


Not much is known about this great talent David Opegbemi. He played the role of a Club Patron in the TV series, Empire, in 2017. He is a Jabari Warrior (uncredited) in the Black Panther movie.


Tari Omoro Jnr

Tari Omoro Jnr is an American but hails from Nigeria. Omoro fell in love with acting while studying computer science at the Tyler Junior College. He was a member of the crew of the box office film, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle. Black Panther will be his first film. He is a Jabari Drummer (uncredited).


Amechi Okocha

Amechi Okocha is an American-born Nigerian actor. He has appeared as a cast in several films as far back as 2012. He is best known for the 2013 film, Speechless. He plays the role of Bueze in the movie Black Panther.

Nice one!


"The First 5 Things Recruiters Check In Your Application"

job applicants are rapidly growing in the world and more of these numbers are becoming very frustrated since the chances of getting calls from thousands of jobs they always apply for many months are very slim. This has led many unemployed people to ask continuously as to what recruiters or employers actually want so as to help them perform well in their job hunting endeavour.

To this end, took out time to explore the major 5 (five) things recruiters check in applications during the selection process. It will interest many job applicants to know that the act of recruitment is really not an easy task, but one that comes with lots of stress, requires patience as well as proper planning.

At the end of this piece, it is expected that you learn the 5 (five) critical things recruiters check in your application in order for you to make adjustments where necessary. There is stiff competition in the labour market; and, therefore, it is the purpose of to help you stand out from the crowd with articles like this.

There is nothing more annoying to the recruiter than finding applications that do not conform to the instruction as to how you ought to apply for the job. This has made very qualified applicants to lose out from being hired as the recruiter would simply skip disobedient applications and move to the next without even thinking of giving it a though since that comes with extra stress.

This says a lot about everything in your application. It either makes your application captivating or otherwise. It also shows how serious (or I should say, how professional you are). Being organized reflects from the way you present your application: the style of text used, the way you write your statement of intent which some call application letter, etc. the truth is that there is no best way of being organized with your application. What is essential to remember is that your application (along with your Curriculum Vitae) should look neat, easy to read and the layout should be simple.

To make this simple, the recruiter would look at your educational qualification(s) as well as your past work experience with regard to the vacant job position. This can be said to be the most important thing that recruiters must carefully look out for since it would be dangerous to hire an employee who cannot perform some specific job functions as he claimed during the recruitment process.

Many people have argued this over time on whether or not the age bracket of an applicant can affect his hiring success. The truth about this is that age bracket is relative depending on so many things to consider.
However, what is not acceptable is that there are some jobs which are meant for mature staff particularly in terms of physical appearance. The right thing is not too appear too young for a job that requires mature staff and vice versa. So, under consideration by the recruiter is the length of time your services would be needed if offered the job. It is important to add age usually goes with some level of responsibility and experience in life; and this is why many organisations take this seriously.

After considering the above information about you from your application submitted, the recruiter would like to know your level of intelligence as every organization wants staff who can think fast with some degree of accuracy especially when under work pressure.
To understand this, the recruiter would look at your school grade or any position held anywhere as stated in your application. The recruiter would also look at any achievement along with your skills as stated in your application in order to determine your level of Intelligence Quotient (IQ). For example, a first class student, who is a youth leader in his local community, or won ‘The Best Student Award’ at school, or knows how to use many different a set of software/applications in a computer system, would him appear intelligent, right?

There you have it. In case you have more critical things you feel should be added, would be glad to learn about them.

Copied with permission from:

5 Cars That Are More Expensive Than Neymar Jr’s Salary

The entire internet is going up in flames about the recent transfer of Neymar Jr to PSG.He would be receiving a monthly pay of approximately $2.7 million dollars .

I am here to inform you that there are some cars that money cannot buy .

Let’s get started ,in no particular order :

1.Lamborghini Veneno

Quick Specs


Engine: 6.5L V12

Transmission:7-speed ISR

Doors: 2

Horsepower:750 bhp

Top Speed : 356 Km/h

Cost : $4.5 M

2.Lykan Hypersport

Quick Specs


Engine: 3.7 L twin-turbo F6

6-speed Sequential manual transmission or 7-speed Dual-clutch transmission

Doors: 2

Horsepower: 780 hp

Top Speed : 395 Km/h

Cost : $3.4 M

3.Aston Martin Vulcan

Quick Specs


Engine: 7.0L V12

Transmission:6-speed sequential

Doors: 2

Horsepower: 800 bhp

Top Speed : 360 Km/h

Cost : $2.8 M

4.Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Quick Specs


Engine: V8, 4.8 L, 4 valves per cylinder

Transmission:Specially developed transversal paddle-shift gearbox,torque sensitive limited slip differential.

Doors: 2

Horsepower: 1018 Bhp

Top Speed : 410+ km/h

Cost : $4.8 M

5.Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

Quick Specs


Engine: V8, 4.5 L


Doors: 2

Horsepower: 570 Bhp

Top Speed : 322 km/h

Cost : $3 M

What do you think ?

Lets hear from you .

Wednesday, 23 August 2017


8 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do

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1) TO KNOT TIE: Every man should know how to knot a tie. Some men find it difficult to knot tie. I have seen men walk the whole street looking for who to help them knot a tie.
It is very easy, there are many types and many online tutorials on how to knot them.

2) SHAVE: Every man should endeavor to have a personal clipper, and should also know how to shave and and also know how to get his hair cut.
Sometimes we may get busy during the weekend or forgot to shave only to wake up monday morning and realize that we didn't shave. We can simply shave before leaving for work.

3)HOW TO FIX HOME APPLIANCES: Every man should know how to fix simple home appliances such as how to change electrical sucket, light bulbs, change generator plug, assemble electric fan,hang tv, etc.

4) HOW TO HANDLE SIMPLE TOOLS: Men should learn how to handle tools like hammer, saw blade,brush.Most of the things we call artisans to fix can be fixed if we learn how to use and handle these tools. Every man should have a tool box.

5)HOW TO DRIVE: Every man should know how to drive, do not wait wait until you have your own car,learn how to drive both manual and automatic transmission cars.
This can be very useful in event of emergency.

6) PERFORM BASIC FIRST AID: You don't have to be a doctor,nurse or health practictoneer to know how to perform basic first aid.

7) PAINT A ROOM: One must not paint the whole house, most people like to repaint their house especially when they move into a new apartment. You can save cost by painting your rooms.

cool CARRY A BABY: Every man should know how to carry a baby. you can help your spouse with the baby. It is not 'a woman thing'.

Sunday, 20 August 2017


10 Things You Really Don’t Know About Christ


In spring of 1872, noted photographer Eadweard Muybridge devised a method of fast-motion photography that allowed him to see a horse running in slow motion. In doing that, he effectively invented the motion picture industry. One hundred and fifty years later, Muybridge’s moving-picture efforts inspired a curious experiment for me: What happens, I wondered, if I linger among the images of Jesus in the gospel accounts? What unexpected lessons will I find if I risk viewing God in Slow Motion? I decided to find out.

Unexpected Lesson: Humility = Glory. Jesus, in his birth, thumbed his nose at all human expectations of greatness. In that first breath, He redefined what glory is and means. He constructed a brand-new equation that only makes sense if God is truly God: Humility = Glory. Christ chose humility underfoot – arriving as a helpless, reliably incontinent infant – as the most resplendent setting for the opening act of his grand redemptive work. In that moment, God’s reputation in human eyes meant nothing. His saving purpose was all that mattered, and the result has been greater glory than humanity could have ever imagined. 

Unexpected Lesson: God loves a mystery. If you don’t believe God loves a mystery, just read his book. In chapter one of Genesis you’ll find an eternal, self-existent, all-powerful being – Someone in need of absolutely nothing. And yet, He created. He spoke and everything that exists was formed, from the awe-inspiring, mammoth sun to the mitochondria that inhabit your very cells. Why would God do that? He had no need. He wasn’t looking for a hobby – and He certainly could foresee the heartache and sinfulness that would run rampant in his creation over time. So why create at all? It’s a mystery.

Unexpected Lesson: Sometimes, we don’t listen to His voice … thinking we do. How? Because the sick need a doctor, and – often really – we refuse to admit we’re sick. I hear Christ calling and I say to myself, He’s talking to someone else. After all, it’s the sick that need a doctor, and surely I’m not sick, am I? It’s a mistake of vision – and the reason we Christians are so often un-Christlike in the way we live, the way we love, and the way we represent our master to the culture in which He’s placed us.

Unexpected Lesson: Jesus is one scary dude. In case you didn’t notice it last time you read “Jesus Calms the Storm” in your Bible, you should know something the disciples obviously recognized: Jesus is (in the best sense possible) one scary dude. After Christ stilled the deadly storm, the Bible says of his disciples: “They were terrified…” That used to confuse me, but as more and more gray hair appears in my beard, I’m beginning to understand. It is both terrifying and exhilarating to serve our mighty God. How awesome is that?

Unexpected Lesson: Christ’s compassion is bigger than my vision. Our job is not to define God’s compassion in miracles or specific blessings. Our job is to trust fully in the complete working of his compassion – to trust Jesus with the keys to our lives even when his vision for us appears to be radically different from our expectations of Him. The Woman with an Issue of Blood desperately wanted healing. But she desperately needed: Restoration. Acceptance. Affection. Belonging. And Jesus refused to let her leave until her heart got all it needed – even though it scared her nearly to death.

Unexpected Lesson: Sometimes God Refuses a Miracle! Did you notice that in all the fuss of Matthew 11:1–6? John the Baptist’s disciples asked Jesus if He was indeed the hoped-for Messiah. Jesus responded with miraculous, incontrovertible evidence: Miracles abound, dripping freely from Christ almost like sweat on a workman’s brow! And yet there is no miracle for John. No miraculous prison break. No relief. Nothing…but faith. A literal reminder that hardship will invade our world, that miracles may or may not come. But in every circumstance Jesus will always be Christ. That truth is enough to create faith to withstand anything.

Unexpected Lesson: It is no sin to feel sad. When her brother died, Martha fell weeping at Jesus’ feet. She actually blamed Him for the death! Yet, Jesus never scolded her for this. Instead, He reached into her grief with a promise of comfort. Why didn’t Jesus rebuke her for lack of faith? Tell her to stop blubbering and start living? I’d guess it’s because God’s not threatened by honest emotion; because it was no sin for Martha to feel sad at the loss of her brother – even when that sadness was multiplied by a perception that God had let her down.

Unexpected Lesson: Greatness is the DNA of Service. Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. There have been great men and women throughout history. There have been great deeds as well. But only One was able to take the ultimate insult of his time (washing feet!) and turn it into an image of everlasting greatness. Only Jesus could do that – embody greatness of service – because only Jesus is truly great. As for you and me, then, we must learn: One is not great because he serves; one serves because He is great.

Unexpected Lesson: The Cross means we are not safe. The enemies of God are not happy about the freedom Christ created for you. Like wicked slave masters, they want to see you returned to helplessness under the influence of sin. Spiritual and physical forces alike will seek to treat you like they treated Jesus, to mock you, to condemn you, to discourage and abuse you. This is simply the way of life, especially for a Christian. But you must also know that, because of the love that Jesus displayed on cross, you will never be helpless in the face of hardship. Not ever again.

Unexpected Lesson: Joy waits in wounded hands. You might think that upon seeing a deity returned to life, the devoted would be trembling in awe, or hushed to silence, or scared out of their wits – any number of sober, serious responses. But the disciples were overjoyed. Seeing Jesus alive again was both a miracle of resurrection and a happy family reunion. And why shouldn’t it be? Great joy is the fruit of great love, and Jesus’ return from the dead delivered them both. Amen

Saturday, 12 August 2017


Top 3 Most Difficult Exams In The World


The question one naturally asks when it comes to lists like this is the criteria used by the author to organize such lists, well, In my own opinion, for an exam to be considered difficult, the following factors has to be put into consideration as well.

- The age of students sitting for(or allowed to) sit for that particular exam. Simply because what might be considered difficult to high school pupils might really be elementary to Phd students.

- The difficulty of the problems. This, I believe, is the most important factor which one can argue to be an indispensable criteria, for some exams requires a exorbitant amount of preparations while others do not.

All protocols observed, here are the top 3 most difficult exams.

3. IIT-JEE and Gaokao.

IIT-JEE and Gaokao are both held in India and China respectively, they are considered to be the most difficult entrance examination for pre-colloge students in the world. Excellence in these exams demands ridiculous amount of preparation, time is usually short and requires superhuman ability to read, understand and solve the problems in a matter of seconds. It is the most prestigious entrance examinations in the world, the pressure is so high that students attempt suicide out of frustration, especially Chinese students.

2. Putnam

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is a highly challenging, proof-oriented mathematics competition for undergraduate students in North America.
Top scoring students on the Putnam exam are named Putnam Fellows.
The examination is considered to be very difficult: it is typically attempted by students specializing in mathematics, but the median score is usually zero or one point out of 120 possible, and there have been only four perfect scores as of 2010. In 2003, of the 3,615 students taking the exam, 1024 (28%) scored 10 or more points, and 42 points was sufficient to make the top percentile.

The competitors describe it as "like hitting your head on a brick".
The problems could usually be solved with just basic knowledge if elementary Mathematics but requires extensive creative thinking.

1. IMO.

Yeah, the International Mathematical Olympiad is the most difficult of all other science Olympiads.
The content ranges from extremely difficult algebra and pre-calculus problems to problems on branches of mathematics not conventionally covered at school and often not at university level either, such as projective and complex geometry, functional equations and well-grounded number theory, of which extensive knowledge of theorems is required.
The exam is open for High school students under the age of 20 and not registered into any tertiary institution.

This is no ordinary High School competition, handling IMO level problems requires a ridiculous amount of preparation and extensive knowledge of theorems that are not even covered in the Undergraduate Mathematics curriculum, their Algebra, Number Theory and Geometry is impenetrable to the average undergraduate student specializing in Mathematics. And problems on Combinatorics requires extensive creative thinking.

Friday, 11 August 2017


5 Classes Of People To Value

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"You don't know the value of what you have until you lose it''.


Too often,we take for granted the people who deserve our gratitude,respect and recognition.We don't even know who we should appreciate,why we should recognise and value them...We never get to realise this,until they are gone.

If you don't know the people to appreciate,never take these people for granted.

1.Those That Worry About You:Trust me,not everyone goes around looking for 'extras' to worry about.Everyone has got their own personal issues to be concerned about.When people go 'extra' to see to your wellbeing,to check on you;they surely have your best interest at heart.Such people are rare to come by-Do cherish them.

2.Those That Correct You:Taking correction is hard.Most people see correction like that bitter pill we always avoid taking,when the pill has come to make us better.Somehow,somewhere;we mess up,take correction and move on-that's life.No one is above mistake,neither is anyone beyond correction.When people correct you,they only want to see you move on to succeed-take the right path.This act is love-driven.Don't make light of corrections.We all need it in order to make progress.Respect such people.

3.Those That Are There For The Good Times And The Bad:'Success has many friends,while failure has no friend'.This popular maxim is coined from human disposition.Everybody wants the good times,nobody wants the bad times.There are people who are with you for the benefit and when the benefit stops because of circumstances:they will turn their back against you,denying ever knowing you.When you have friends/people who are ready to stick with you through thick and thin,share your happiness and sadness:never let them go!Such folks come with the tag 'priceless'.Appreciate them.

4.Those That Want To See You Do Well:Everyone wants to be an exact representation of 'I am doing well'.A successful life is not gotten by mere wishing.There must be a deliberate move and effort.Everybody is striving to beat the other person by the side at all cost.It is survival of the fittest.People are just too busy to offer a helping hand,just a very few who throw in their support.For people/friends/family whose got your back,who go out of their way to support and lend hands to your elevation and success story:always keep and appreciate them.

5.Those That Tell You The Truth: One thing people hate accepting and facing is the truth.People prefer living in deception,lies just to keep themselves from pain.As bitter as truth always set minds free.Truth never damages a cause that is just.It is always fulfilling and rewarding to know that choices and decisions we make are based on the truth.While it takes courage and strenght to admit the truth:when people/friends tell and admit the truth,when they are being honest with you-never let them go.Value them.Honesty is a scarce commodity very few can pay for.

Holding people in high esteem is just one of the ways of appreciating their impact and effort towards your wellbeing.
Value What You Have,Before It Becomes What You Had.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Top 5 Ways To Impress Men

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Have you ever wondered what exactly gets men pleased? If you have, read on.
I always maintain that men are easy to please. If you select 100 men today and ask them for the top five things that get them impressed in a woman, you can narrow the answers to basically the same things. Claiming that we are difficult to please is a fictitious allegation.

As you will see below, I will point at the top five things that get men impressed. Without much delay, let’s begin.

1. Go easy on makeup and the likes: Are you surprised? This is one of the top things that get men impressed about women. Yes, men know you can dress to look good, but the simple truth is that some of the things that you put on are unnecessary. Most men don’t even recognize them. For instance, ask and see if a random man would identify what Brazilian hair is or the work of some of those things in your makeup kit. Nothing is confusing as having a woman on whose face you can locate 50 shades of the rainbow. Men want simplicity, but if you want to wear makeup, moderation is the key. Go easy on the foundation and all those other things you put on. Even I as a guy cannot mention the rest of those things you put on your faces because I don’t even know them. A natural woman or one who uses makeup moderately slays with us anytime.

2. Dress to be attractive and not trashy: Yes, you may get a guy’s attention through trashy dressing, but never his respect. Women who leave too much to be seen are seen as potentials for booty calls and nothing more. That does not mean you should lose your fashion sense. How you dress catches a man’s attention and most men already have an idea of what they want just by taking a look at your appearance. Slay in your native attires. Slay in casual outfits. Slay in corporate wears. Look sharp. Be stunning. But there is no need to go overboard with it. The point is that you should rock an outfit in such a way that you will be seen as a woman and not a sex object.

3. Bring out your cooking skills and be homely: Men may take women out to eateries for dates, but that cannot continue forever. Ultimately, a man would still want to see how homely a woman can be. He would take an assessment of how you can keep a home in order. What advantage is it to have a pretty woman who does not know jack about how to keep a home? More importantly, men would want to be sure their women can cook very well. There is a special conduit that connects a man’s stomach to his heart. The meter in the heart may not read if nothing spectacular is happening in the stomach region. A man should not cook concoction as a bachelor and still continue eating concoction after wedding. No, there’s got to be a difference. In fact, if you can cook very well and keep a home in order, you have won a man’s heart over by at least 50%. tosyne2much am i making sense smiley?

4. Be financially independent: A relationship is not a poverty alleviation program. Rather, a relationship should be a partnership between two people for greatness. Offering assistance once in a while is not the issue. The issue most men have is when the requests become incessant. In today’s world where most women only know how to ask, men get surprised when they a see a woman who is self-reliant. They not only get surprised, but they also get pleased to see someone who has chosen to be different. So, rather than complain and be disappointed about what someone is failing to do for you, you might as well do it for yourself.

5. Be loyal: There are too many stories of disloyalty flying around these days such as cases of female partners leaving their boyfriends for other people. Most times, karma makes sure that the tables turn. It is becoming normal when financially struggling men get dumped for a well-to-do guy. What would get any man surprised today is when a woman chooses to stay in the relationship because she believes in her man. That act of loyalty is one of the highest sources of pleasure and motivation for a man. Moreover, guys want to know their partner is really faithful and not crowd-dating. Believe it that most men secretly want to be proved wrong on the guys’ cliché that says “hoes are not loyal.”

So, those are the top five ways to impress a man. What are your thoughts? click share if you Agree and Click Like if you disagree.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


List Of Top 7 Universities In Africa (photos)

Not even one Nigerian university made the list of the top 7 universities in Africa and while this will not come as a surprise to many people, it is quite sad.

This new listing released by way of QS has little or no surprises with the University of Cape town, at the pinnacle and at rank 191 in the world ranking of universities.

Stellenbosch University is the second best university in Africa and ranks at number 361 in the world, while the American University in Cairo is at number 4 in Africa.

The ranking by QS is based on factors such as academic reputation, citations per faculty, employer reputation and other factors. Below is the list of the 7 top universities in Africa:

1. University of Cape Town
The University of Cape Town is a public research university located in Cape Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

2. Stellenbosch University
Stellenbosch University is a public research university situated in Stellenbosch, a town in South Africa.

Stellenbosch is jointly the oldest university in South Africa and the oldest extant university in Sub-Saharan Africa alongside the University of Cape Town which received full university status on the same day in 1918.

3. University of the Witwatersrand
The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, is a multi-campus SouthAfrican public research university situated in the northern areas of central Johannesburg. It is more commonly known as Wits University.

4. The American University in Cairo
The American University in Cairo is an independent, English language, research university located in Cairo, Egypt.

5. Cairo University
Cairo University is Egypt's premier public university. Its main campus is in Giza, immediately across the Nile from Cairo.

6. University of Pretoria
The University of Pretoria is a multi-campus public research university in Pretoria, the administrative and de facto capital of South Africa.

7. University of Johannesburg
The University of Johannesburg, known colloquially as UJ is a public university located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The University of Johannesburg came into existence on 1 January 2005 as the result of a merger between the Rand Afrikaans University (RAU), the Technikon Witwatersrand (TWR) and the Soweto and East Rand campuses of Vista University.

The University of Chicago improved to the ninth position while Princeton University did not make the new top 10 list.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria 2017

Education is generally seen as the passport to a better life in Nigeria hence the pursuit by many of the best education that money can buy. -
Following the line of the popular saying that if you think education is expensive, try ignorance, the under-listed secondary schools charge fees that would leave your mouth hanging open.

10. Dowen College, Lekki Lagos:

Dowen College is located in Lekki, Lagos and comprises boarding and day houses. It was founded in 1997 and it offers a broad and balanced education within a friendly, caring and happy environment. In order to make learning worthwhile, the school provides a well equipped library, computer centre, internet connectivity, cultural facilities, football pitch, swimming pool and many more. The fees are about two million naira (N2,000,000) per annum for a boarding student and one million, two hundred and fifty-thousand naira (N1,250,000), for day students. The tuition fees include feeding, school uniform, house wear, and textbooks.

9. Chrisland College, Lagos:

Chrisland College is located at Ejigbo road, Idimu, Egbeda in Lagos and the school fees are paid either annually or termly.Chrisland School is a vibrant modern and unique school. Their facilities include spacious fully air-conditioned classrooms, modern laboratories, music and drama studio, wireless internet access, stocked library, swimming pool, well laid out air-conditioned cafeteria, basketball court and many more. They charge as high as two million naira (N2,000,000) annually and these include registration, tuition deposit, accommodation and feeding.

8. Atlantic Hall, Lagos:

Atlantic Hall was established in January 1989 by the Atlantic Hall Educational Trust Council, a registered non-profit sharing organisation. Atlantic Hall is a co-educational full boarding secondary school in Poka, Epe, close to the Atlantic Ocean. The school has a well equipped medical centre, sporting facilities, well equipped laboratories, swimming pool, etc. Weekends in school is filled with a wide range of social activities including concerts, talent shows, dances and film shows. The school charges as much as two million, two hundred and seventy thousand naira (N2,270,000) for a student. Additional charges like uniforms are excluded from the fees.

7. Hillcrest School, Jos:

Hillcrest is a K-12th grade International Christian School with an American curriculum. The school was founded in 1942 as a boarding school for missionary children. Hillcrest is divided into three schools, each with a principal. Elementary School is kindergarten to 5th grade. Middle School is 6th to 8th grade and High School is 9th to 12th grade. In their junior and senior years students may elect to take a number of AP classes. Annually almost all graduates are admitted into North American universities. Hillcrest is situated in the city of Jos on a 4,300 foot high plateau. They charge as much as N2,650,000 for senior school students.

6. Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja:

Pictures of various structures in Loyola Jesuit College
Loyola Jesuit College is a co-educational secondary school in the classical tradition. The college opened with JS 1 in 1996. It is a full boarding school, with teaching and supervision from members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), and specially trained and dedicated lay teachers. The school is located in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, situated on 28.5-hectare site in the village of Gidan Mangoro. The school provides an atmosphere conducive to focused learning. They charge as much as N2,800,000 per student.

5. Greensprings School, Lagos:

Greensprings school was established in January 1985 and is located at 32, Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, Anthony, Lagos, it also has another campus in Awoyaya, Lekki (Lagos). They charge a total of N3,185,200 annually for a boarding student and N1,925,200 for a day student and these fees include tuition, textbooks, school uniforms and PTA levy. Boarding fees include a boarding deposit (caution fee, which is refundable on leaving the school). House wear, Sunday wear, medical deposit, student imprest account.

4. Whiteplains British School, Abuja:

Whiteplains British School & College provides a British-style education for students of all ethnic backgrounds from the ages of 2 – 18 years. As of January 2011, Whiteplains also offers adult education in the form of University of Cambridge Professional Diplomas.Students follow the British National Curriculum, and sit ‘external’ examinations in School at the end of Years 9, 11, and 13. It costs about N3.6 million per annum to cater for the tuition and boarding of a child.

3. Day Waterman College, Abeokuta:

Day Waterman College is a modern co-educational boarding school designed to provide an exciting learning environment for children between the ages of 11 – 16. The College is set on 35 hectares of natural landscape in Asu, near Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. Facilities and equipment of outstanding quality have been provided to support the learning environment, including access to safe recreational areas. It costs about N3.7 million per annum to cater for the tuition and boarding of a child.

2. Lekki British International School, Lagos:

Established in the year 2000, the school is located at Victoria Arobieke Street, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. The school supplies the needs of each student. They provide everything that is of international standard as well as creating a condusive environment to encourage a balanced pursuit of study and recreation. The hostels have excellent facilities including fully air-conditioned dormitories and a well equipped common room with cable television video and other recreational facilities. Other facilities are fully air-conditioned class rooms, internet-connected desktop computers, well equipped laboratories and theatre room. They pay as much as N4,000,300 per session including feeding, school uniforms, hostel, Sunday wears and textbooks.

1. British International School, Lagos:

The British International School is situated at Landbridge Avenue, Oniru Private Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is a multinational co-educational English medium school established in September 2001. It boasts of excellent facilities which include a multi-purpose hall, music suites, theatre, computer suites, science suites, tutorial rooms, swimming pool and many more.Parents pay their children’s tuition fees in dollars but going by Nigerian currency, each student pays N4,480,000 annually. This also includes their feeding, uniforms, textbooks, etc.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ibadan In 2017

Ibadan, popularly referred to as the city of brown roofs, embodies an ample mix of history and modern adventure that presents both indigenes and foreigners a huge wealth of experience. Aside from its peaceful ambiance and serene nature, Ibadan is a famous and great city in Nigeria. It is home to many commercial establishments and business organizations and the city is continuously expanding. Jumia shared below 5 reasons why you should visit Ibadan in 2017:

1 Ibadan is the third cheapest city to live in Nigeria

According to a recent study carried out in Nigeria, it was discovered that Ibadan is the third cheapest city to live in after Ikot Ekpene and Aba. The standard of living in Ibadan is generally low and as such, people can live conveniently on a salary of N50,000. Unlike in Lagos State where people spend a lot of money commuting to work daily, the cost of transportation in Ibadan is unbelievably affordable. Commuters pay as low as N50 to get to a far destination, a situation which is not possible in Lagos and many other states.

2 Ibadan is home to very affordable luxury hotels in Nigeria

The city of Ibadan has a plethora of affordable hotels ranging from luxury five star hotels to regular hotels. The room rates of hotels in Ibadan are unbelievably affordable when compared to hotels in Lagos. For instance, Premier Hotel, a five star hotel in Ibadan has room rates starting from less than NGN 20,000 where as a similar five star hotel in Lagos have room rates starting from NGN 50,000 and above.

3 Ibadan has a place in the history of Africa

Historically, the city of Ibadan is a place to be reckoned with. It is notable for being the largest city in West Africa. Asides its large land mass, it also houses the first sky scrapper in the whole of Africa. Cocoa House, a building towering above a height of 100metres is the first tall urban building in the African continent. Formerly referred to as “Ile Awon Agbe” (meaning house of farmers), the modest 24 storey high-rise building is a major landmark in Ibadan. Furthermore, during the middle of the eighteenth century, Ibadan rose to prominence as the presiding military power house in southwest Nigeria. The city of Ibadan is also the site of one of the first universities in sub-Saharan Africa. The University of Ibadan is the first university in Nigeria as well.

4 The people of Ibadan are very hospitable

The people of Ibadan are one of the most hospitable people in Nigeria. They are usually warm and cordial to people and they receive guests with open hands. As such, if you are looking for a new place to go on tourism in Nigeria, you will never go wrong with Ibadan. To a large extent, the Ibadan spirit of hospitality has everyone stuck there. People live harmoniously with each other with quarrels hardly ever arising.

5 Ibadan is home to the tastiest indigenous meals in Southwestern Nigeria
The Ibadan people are notable for being the best at preparing “amala and ewedu”, one of the most popular Yoruba meal. Amala and Ewedu is a very important meal in southwest Nigeria. In fact, it is often described as one of the tourist attractions found in the city of Ibadan. It is a super spicy delicacy that is served in all traditional functions in the city. One of the major benefits of this meal is its very healthy nature. Nutritionists assert that the combination of Amala and Ewedu contains vitamins, minerals and fiber that will protect the body from degenerative terminal diseases. In summary, Amala and Ewedu is a “super” meal. Words are not enough to describe how amazing this meal taste. I will suggest you book the next flight or board the next bus and head to the city of Ibadan to have a feel of this super meal yourself.


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